O negociere de succes - Haskell

Acum cateva luni ma uitam pe /r/cscareerquestions si am observat un thread in care un programator Haskell din Europa de Est cerea sfaturi despre cum sa negocieze cu o firma din San Francisco unde urma sa primeasca o oferta. Titlul: “Confused how much money to ask a company in SF”. Din pacate postul initial cat si multe comentarii au fost sterse, dar pe scurt initiatorul era programator Haskell experimentat si gasise prin reddit o companie din SF unde voia sa lucreze, avand un proiect care il interesa. Link. Multe comentarii au fost sterse dar se gasesc inca pe unditt.

Majoritatea in loc sa il ajute, ii spuneau ca oricum castiga foarte mult, ca in Europa de Est sunt costurile mult mai mici samd, chestii complet inutile. Cateva exemple:

they wont pay you what they pay people in the US what they pay people in eastern europe. companies go to lower cost areas to pay less money

130k base is near the low end of SF salaries but 180k BASE would be pretty high for a typical salary

So that means the median home price is like 250k? The median home price of SF is 1.5 million. American companies pay based on the cost of living of the city you live in

Discutie in privat

Vazand ca orice discutie la obiect divagheaza in subiecte gen cat costa o casa in est, de ce oricum sunt multi bani, ca e bine si asa samd, am ales sa continui prin mesaje private. Cu albastru sunt eu si cu verde el. Am omis cateva mesaje ce contin detalii personale, dar nu sunt relevante pentru subiect.

Hey man I don't wanna post this publicly since I'm going to reveal my identity on this acccount but I was in your position very recently. [...]. The difficulty is how much you want this position. I was fine at my old job (tech lead, working like 30h per week on average) so I told them I'd only hop for a significant raise. If you're fine where you are right now, you have a strong negotiating position.

Just ask for like $200k - $250k or something. If they bring up lower COL of EE, don't back down, say something like you prefer to work for companies that value your work, not your location or something like that. Don't be impolite, don't be aggressive, don't be antagonistic. Just smile and say you want $230k.

Thank you!!!! I just hate how people think less of us just because of location... I'm thinking of going for $800 per day and pressing hard for that. Even if I lose it - I don't really mind as there's a ton to learn at my current gig. I'll be starting a new project in October that has some pretty massive scale so it'll be interesting nonetheless.

My biggest concern is people reacting like they did in the thread - assuming that I'm earning "too much" due to my location and just flipping me off. It's really annoying.

Maybe I'll just try and steer the conversation towards establishing a range. 800-1200 per day shouldn't be too unreasonable and then I'll try and see where they could land me on that range.

No, don't ask for a range. Ask for $1200. See where it goes. If they think it's too much but you're not being an asshole, they'll give you something more reasonable, like $900 or something. If they think it's ridiculous for an Eastern European to make that, just say thank you and go on with your life.

We spoke and they offered $480 per day. I straight up told them that's too low and requested $900 per day (couldn't really bring myself to want 4 figures haha).

I expected to be turned down immediately, but the CTO started apologizing and said he'll try and some budget from some other position (they have 3 different roles open). One day later, he comes back with a $172800 offer and a really long apology that this is really the maximum that they can do (I'm willing to believe that as it's not a very big company) and that he was really hoping I join. Waiting for the documents now. As long as the contract seems okay (nothing scary inside), I'll be accepting.

Thanks a lot and fuck all the whiners in the thread saying that we who are in Eastern Europe basically don't deserve US salaries, as if they're 10 times more productive or something.

Deci trebuie sa cer mereu 15 mii de euro? Nu!

Concluzia este ca trebuie sa ceri mereu $15k pe luna si o sa ti se ofere din prima, corect? Nu, bineinteles. Pentru a negocia corect o oferta, trebuie sa intelegi piata in care te afli, cat de greu este pentru angajator sa gaseasca o persoana similara (sunt foarte putini programatori Haskell cu experienta in industrie) si mai ales, perspectiva angajatorului (daca e startup – ce finantare au? daca e outsourcing – cu cat te vand mai departe?).

Daca discuti direct cu o companie din SUA si zici $150k, nu e deloc o suma care sa ii sperie. Asta nu inseamna automat ca o sa o ofere, dar ei aud $150k cum auzi tu in Romania 2000 de euro, e o chestie complet uzuala. Daca discuti cu o agentie din Romania in schimb si zici ceva de 10 mii de euro, incep glumele cu Dascalu si crabii.

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